Hand Painted Land Sales Hut

October 5, 2023


Sometimes it takes an old technique to make something new again. There’s nothing wrong with high tech digital solutions, but sometimes conditions conspire against you and it takes a tried and trusted method to produce the results.

Due to the rough rendered walls and the harsh western Melbourne weather at Dacland’s Kings Leigh sales hut, digital print was not going to be a long term solution and after more than 18 months what they had put there had begun to peel away.

Rather than re-print and try again we suggested that the best solution to last for the lifespan of the display would be to hand write the leaf image and the text, which was enthusiastically approved.

The end result looked even better than the original, luckily these old skills have not deserted the senior members of the iD Signs team and even the young blokes who lent a hand loved the experience.